One to One – The Second Time



Question: So! O.K. What’s this?

Answer: A hand bill.

Statement: A hand Bill.

Answer: Yes. Read it.

Statement: More junk!

Statement: Just read it.

Answer: What a waste of time!

Question: Well?

Answer: Just throw it out!

Statement: O.K.! I will.

Statement: Well do it!

Statement: O.K.!

Statement: Here! Gimme that!

Statement: No! Never mind.

Demand: Gimme! What’s it say for God’s Sake!

Statement:  I Love You.

Answer: God! More junk!





Tear Drops…


rain drops on a window pane

harkening heartache

the promenade to sadness


©J.E.Goldie May 23, 2019




One to One….


question: What have I done to you now?

answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

question: So, what’s wrong?

answer: Why do you ask?

statement: You seem so distant.

reply: Didn’t know you cared to know.

question: Why do you say that?

answer: Didn’t think you were interested.

statement: Of course, I am.

question: So, you called then?

question: Called when?

statement: That’s what I mean.

question: What do you mean?

statement: You called because you care.

statement: I didn’t call.

statement: That’s what I mean.

question: What the hell have I done?

answer: Nothing…absolutely nothing.

statement: Fine.

answer: Yup.

question: What’s the matter with you?

answer: People like you.

question: What’s that supposed to mean?

answer: You figure it out.

statement: You’re strange.

statement: Typical response.

statement: Forget it!

statement: Just what I’ve been trying to do.

statement: Oh, cold shoulder routine.

statement: No, Survival tactics.

question: What?

statement: Expect nothing…get nothing.

question: What the hell do you want?

answer: Nothing, absolutely nothing.

question: So, what’s wrong?

question: Why do you ask?






Haiku/Senryu response to I Write Her #20 Photo challenge May 20, 2019


Susi Bocks I Write Her #20 May 20, 2019


total compliance

uncaring and staring eye

exposed  endorsement


©J.E.Goldie May 21, 2019





“Butterfly” for Willow poetry What Do You See Prompt May 20, 2019


Willow Prompt “What Do You See” May 20, 2019



Puzzled butterfly

Moments and phases of time


©J.Eoldie May 21, 2019


Butterfly lifecycle transformation



Love gives naught but itself…


Love gives naught but itself,

Love possesses not

nor would it be possessed,

For love is sufficient unto love.

Think not that you can

direct the course of love,

for love if it finds you worthy,

directs your course.



A Single White Rose



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