The Witching Hour


All that glitters, is not gold and

all’s well that ends well, he sighed.

Yet there was no method in his

madness, for the naked truth is,

he made the foregone conclusion,

that misery acquaints a man with

strange bedfellows, and that the

course of love never runs smooth,

which left him heartsick and lackluster.


At the witching hour of the night,

When churchyards yawn and hell

itself breathes out, and as he breathed

his one last breath, a ministering

angel of infinite space, came to save

him from the jaws of death, and

trippingly on the tongue, said,


What, a piece of work is man.

What  fools these mortals be,

violent delights have violent ends.

Ah, There’s the rub.Truth will out,

he’s had too much of a good thing.

Love is not love which alters

when, it alteration finds.


And thereby ends the tale.

Which is tedious as a

Twice Told tale, but

What is done is done.

©J.E.Goldie 2/24/2019 

The following youtube video is by an Artist I have just discovered

Brian Crain. If you enjoy peaceful piano music, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.



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