“Silent Sadness” in response to “Harmonious”, a BrewNSpew Word prompt – May 6, 2019


BrewNSpew Word Prompt “Harmonious” May 6, 2019

Word of the week : 300 words or less
harmonious – (adjective) –
1) having agreement among musical components, musically concordant
2) having the parts agreeably related
3) marked by accord in sentiment or action
Synonyms – musical, canorous, tuneful, concordant, euphoric, symphonic, harmonizing
the earth
she forgives and protects
quilted clouds and marmalade skies
therapy for the soul
sentiments of satisfaction

Silent Sadness

she let his passion for another,

go seemingly invisible to her,

in aid, of the undying love that she had.

she traded her pride for her passion,

she would rather live in harmony

than in harmonious regret,

settling for silent sadness.


©J.E.Goldie May 10, 2019






Author: Jen Goldie

"Life is made up of small comings and goings and for everything we take with us, we leave a part of ourselves behind" - Summer of 42

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